Sunday, November 16, 2008

The green, green, .....

Ok, not the green, green grass of home (if you don't know the song it was an Elvis song) but the paint is green. Beautiful day today-70 degrees so perfect for painting. We painted the front, and part of the side. Still need to trim out window. When all done, we will make some shutters and hang them-they will make a huge difference.

We also hung two blinds. Found wooden blinds at big lots for $20 each! Only challenge is we had to cut them to length. So far, 2 cut and we are ok. 2 more to go, once that saw blade goes down you are pretty committed. Measure three times-cut once! I still need to shorten then as you can tell by the picture. Another slightly painful task but one that is doable.

Also made the two very simple pillows on the couch. Plan to head down next Friday and Saturday. Then hope to spend Thanksgiving there.

The deer were all over the place. Guessing the hunters are happy!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blowing Against the Wind

It was pretty windy Saturday so I will spare you the video from that day. Anyway-I am attaching a little video clip. Please be sure and take your anti nausea medicine before you watch this. I was trying to be sure you would not be bored so I moved a wee bit too fast. Anyway, I have to learn how to edit. So far I can add music, but not delete sound recorded while filming (grrrr) and I can add text.

Anyway-here it goes-less than one minute long so it is not too painful. Your chariot awaits on the picture and it should begin. My two favorite parts are the deck-and the kitchenette- believe it or not to the right side of it is a table and chairs that fold up. It is where the coffee pot holder is. Enjoy!

We have to name the place so far we have Craig's Cabin- that is because I found most all the stuff on Craigslist including the building. Second name is Mt. Park Cottage. Still searching for the right name-oh yes then there is Paid For.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Minute by Minute

Well the minutes have turned into days which have turned into weeks and finally more progress. Ahh we are almost there. Well progress has been slow lately. You see, to Ken football, well especially OU football is priority over anything else. So, we have not been making it to the lake house every weekend. Long story short, we put up one set of iron rail on the deck and then I found better set of iron railing (looks better and is stabler) to put on around the deck. I love it! One reason I like it is that it is a little taller and I think the pointed things at the top just might stop someone from jumping off the deck.

As you can see the kitchen has finally come together-oh looks so nice. And to think it is all from craigslist or garage sale, even the fish on the shelf and the pans in the cabinet.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rock me gently rock me slowly

Finally we are making progress on getting septic system put in.  Here you can see pile of rocks-it was pure rock under about 3 inches of dirt.  It took 11 hours and a huge piece of equipment to break the rock into small pieces so they could create the hole.  Since it was rocky-they had to make the hole bigger so they could surround the tank in sand!  Joy more $$.  Anyway-we now have  enough rock for a greatly enlarged driveway plus even more.    This first picture shows you the size of the whole-the white is all rock and rock dust.  The whole is 7 ft deep and 14 by 7 feet.    

Next picture is that of the "rock pile"  It is about 7 ft tall and huge.   There is some granite, limestone and other rock hard enough to withstand just about anything. Now I know why the water is so hard here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blowing Against the Wind

Progress-you can actually walk into the bedroom now.  The window is frames, and drapes hung!  

That said, we STILL don't have the septic system in.  They keep promising us one more week, one more day .......

Last weekend not too much progress but we did finally get the wall material (plastic like stuff) up in the bathroom, the bathroom window trimmed as well as last one in living room, plus bedroom.  Plus we painted bedroom, repaired sheetrock (first experience and you can tell!) and put up wood trim on the two walls with wood paneling.   Well I guess we got more done than I thought!

We have to work less when there and enjoy more so that is what I vow to do soon!   I hope to go down this weekend and sew drapes.  They will make a huge difference to warm up the place!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lay your head on my........

futon. Yes this too from Craigslist, was only $100. It is really nice and made of microfiber. That said I will still put a cover on it. I love how the morning sun dapples. Here you can see the windows trimmed out. If you look back you will see the one window I had trimmed before but it was not right so I redid it. I ordered my fabric last week and cannot wait to hand the drapes (oh yes I have to make them). They will add a great splash of color. My sewing will be very simple-sew straight lines only and use rings to hang the curtains. A straight line I can sew.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I shot the ......

nail gun, but I did not shoot Ken with it, although he was paranoid that I would. Advice to do it yourselfers-don't wait, buy one of these! Why we waited all these years-I love this thing! So much easier to put up trim, boards etc. So thanks to this handy tool we were able to get three windows completely trimmed out as well as some doors. Also hung the wood sheets in the bedroom and finished the beadboard! Successful weekend.

I decided I should call the guy that put the windows in "Butch the Butcher".   After finishing out windows and doors I decided he must never measure or use a level.  What a nightmare.  Trim and paint do hide a lot of sins!

We are suppose to get anywhere from 7 to 24 inches of rain due to the hurricane.  If we get 24 inches I will be amazed.  Thinking the weather guys will do anything to get more camera time!   What a spread in possibilities!   So it looks like another week and no septic will go in.   We really need water turned on so we can do simple things like mop the floor!